Be-Longing is a Micro-Documentaries series dedicated to Houston´s linguistic legacy

Houston, recently decalrated teh city with the greatest diversiy of «mother tongues» in te United States of America, displays a multiplicity of cultures that are expressed in a diverse set of languages. The Be-Longing project aims to make visible a group of 4 of these spoken languages through 4 unique family stories.

About Be-Longing a Micro-Documentaries Series 2023
In each story, an object is chosen to be the trigger for a story of a journey that evokes uprooting and regeneration. Each video presents stories between two speakers, one, the issuer of a mother tongue and the other, represents the mediator who personifies a new local generation that articulates the dominant English language.

This material object evokes cultural ties that are seemingly enigmatic to everyone, except to those who retain their mother tongue.


Russian Chapter:
Wednesday, January 25 @ 7 pm CST

Arabic Chapter:
Thursday, January 26 @ 7 pm CST

Kinyarwanda Chapter:
Friday, January 27 @ 7 pm CST

Spanish Chapter:
Saturday, January 28 @ 7 pm CST

The Be-Longing project is funded in part by City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.