By Mariela G. Domínguez

Fantasma is a bilingual experimental interdisciplinary project that connects the expression of 3 artists, 3 different media, 3 different countries, all created during the pandemic.

Shown through the pictorial work of Justin Earl Grant, the poetry of Micaela Piñero and the sounds of Dani Ev Riquelme, Fantasma guides its viewers through a space where linearity is interrupted by deviations from the unconscious.

The concept behind Fantasma is to reveal the artistic creative process through the integration of poetic expression, sound and painting. This experimental project invites visitors to reconstruct the moment of creative introspection from pictorial traces and auditory poetic interventions.

By these means, the installation proposal is the reflection of a solitary action that becomes collective.

Along with the immersive installation, the project includes the production of a bilingual book which will be offered to visitors of the exhibition.

Visit: Thu-Fri 5 to7 pm / Sat-Sun 2 to 5 pm Oct./Nov. 2021 in Arowyn Studios on Sherman St., Houston.

Funded in part by The City of Houston through Houston Art Alliance

Sponsored by SJ Art and Frames and Arowyn Studios and with the collaboration of Alas Dance Company