Discover the great potential of social networks and its varied formats to publicize their products and increase your sales.

They are versatile for all budgets and economic marketing and advertising models. Internet is the most cost effective to spread a brand and social networks have become the best channel of direct communication between your company and your customers.

In general terms, optimization and integrated use of social networks will allow your company obtain the following benefits: approach and interaction with the customer, direct communication with the client, broader and faster time to response and results, greater knowledge of the market and customer, and brand building.


Social networks for your Website objectives:

Connect with users of the brand through daily activity.

Establish an online identity, bringing together customers and potential customers.

Communicate news, releases and tips for use.

Use relationship practices to reach non-traditional media.

Capture public dialogue: company and customer.

Create companies online.

Communication with internal and external audiences.

Manage reputation (corporate and Individual).

Create a database of business opportunities.

Most Popular Social Networking Sites:

Facebook | Twitter | Google | Foursquare | Youtube

Creation of the account and load of initial information.

To develop a landing page to highlight the company and its services.

Linking with other social media accounts.

Putting up for subsequent updates.


Recruitment of followers, fans.

Creation of the company in GOOGLE profile.

Generation image gallery.

Location on Google maps.

Creation of the channel of the company on YouTube

Generation of library with videos of the brand for viralization through social networks.

Searches for innovative brand information to communicate across networks.

Load of locally generated videos.

Description of services offered

Tips related to the company, recommendations, etc.

Talk about those responsible.

Creation of the Venues of location.